Bite Bands - 6 pack

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These chewy bands are a great option for kids who chew on their collars or sleeves. With Bite Bands, kids have a safe, discreet, and portable chewy that helps save their clothing while still providing the oral motor feedback they crave. Students will be able to relax and focus in class, at home, or on the go with this calming chewy. A great choice for parents and therapists of autistic kids that need to chew!


Unlike hard silicone or plastic chewables, Bite Bands soak up saliva to keep shirts dry and drool-free. The terry cloth construction is durable and soft, avoiding abrasion and irritation. By chewing on the Bite Band, users also exercise the facial muscles that are vital for eating and speech. To clean the band, just put it in the washing machine and air dry. With six bands in a set, it’s easy to swap them out throughout the day to ensure the user’s oral motor needs are met.


Fabric made from cotton/polyester blend. Includes six Bite Bands in six colors-- red, blue, yellow, green, orange, and purple. Bands measure 12 inches in diameter.