Big Box of Scrambled Sentences

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Your students will have fun as they create hundreds of sentences with the Scrambled Sentences game! As they play, they will improve their sequencing skills, grammar and reading comprehension while having fun! A great resource for your classroom, clinic, and even at home use.

Using the colorful puzzle pieces to decode words, kids will learn capitalization and punctuation, sentence structure, sight reading, and context clues. This set includes 90 interchange pieces that can make a variety of three puzzle piece sentences.

A self-checking design allows kids to work independently while still receiving feedback, making this a great activity for your center or to help with practice at home. Engaging, kid friendly illustrations make sure students have fun constructing silly sentences, or use the pieces to create an engaging learning experience.

Each sturdy puzzle piece is made of thick cardboard with a high gloss finish making them durable for your classroom or therapy center.

Includes 90 puzzle pieces. Recommended for ages 5-8