Basic Skills Board

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The Basic Skills Board is such a fun toy to practice dressing skills. This dressing board teaches kids to snap, buckle, zipper and tie. . Each dressing skill is contained on a separate, wooden puzzle piece for easy practice. Young children are instantly attracted to the bright and cheerfully illustrated bear. The buttons, laces, zipper are large enough for little hands ensuring young children will not become frustrated practicing dressing skills.

Hide-and-seek artwork makes it fun to remove pieces and peek underneath too! What's underneath the Basic Skill Board puzzle pieces? The bear in his underwear! The funny artwork is great for encouraging kids to continue practicing dressing skills to see the picture underneath.

The sturdy quality of the Basic Skills Board is excellent. This dressing board will last for years at home or in a classroom. The durable and portable Basic Skills Board also works well for those who travel to several facilities. Use the Basic Skills Board not only to practice dressing, but to also develop and strengthen fine motor skills.

Help children take another step towards independence mastering zipping, buckling, snapping, lacing and tying with the Basic Skills Board!

Ages: 3 years +

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