Baby Buzz'r

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Get ready to combine vibration, light and sound to create the ultimate chew toy! The Baby Buzz-r features two vibrating chewable ears that will provide lots of sensory stimulation to your child's mouth. This interesting toy allows you to control the sensory input with three buttons, one each for vibration, lights, and music.

When you turn on the music, your child will be greeted with one of twelve calming melodies that include music composed by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and more. Press the light button and watch the cheeks happily glow. An additional button turns the vibration on and off.

This developmental chew toy is designed by a physician to encourage oral, social, emotional, and sensory exploration. A mirrored back will allow your child to visually explore their face. It is also good for encouraging emotional exploration.

This item measures 5.5 inches, the perfect size for small hands or your purse!

It requires three AAA batteries that are included and has an auto shut off feature that will help to preserve battery life. This toy is recommended for children three months and up.