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Autism Gifts - Your Guide to Picking the Best Present!

Do you need to buy gifts for a toddler, preschooler, child, teen or adult on the autism spectrum? Our helpful autism gift guide will show you how to pick the right gifts for a person with autism of any age.

Gift Guide for Toddlers with Autism
The very young child with autism can learn essential life skills through play!

  • Cause and Effect Toys make great gifts for autistic toddlers. Sound blocks, rattles, gear toys or sound blocks teach toddlers that they can have an effect on their environment. These also make simple turn taking interaction between parent and child fun and engaging.
  • Calming toys are always a hit to help parents manage meltdowns. Weighted blankets or vests,calming night lights, or soothing sound toys like the sleep sheep work great.
  • Puzzles can teach basic shapes, dressing skills, fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and more.

Gift Guide for Preschoolers with Autism
Gifts that can help autistic preschoolers work on language, social skills and develop school readiness skills can be life changing.

  • Gifts that explore feelings, empathy and emotions are essential for helping develop social emotions. Sharing games, simple puppet play can all be helpful.
  • Gifts that encourage language development and language expansion can be very helpful at this age as well. A set of well designed flashcards can be incredibly helpful for a therapist and life changing for a child.
  • Gifts that encourage autistic preschoolers to develop handwriting, fine motor and school readiness skills will prepare them for a great school start. Blocks, Toys that work on patterning,sequencing matching and sorting not only develop fine motor skills, they also prepare preschoolers for the concepts of reading.

Gift Guide for Grade School Children with Autism
The very young child with autism can learn essential life skills through play!

  • Social skill games and books are essential for this age. Studies have shown the more intervention and practice kids with autism have in grade school, the more successful they will be at social interaction for the rest of their lives!
  • Calming gifts are also enjoyable and so helpful to parents. A wonderful gift for an autistic kid is a weighted blanket. Often parents can't afford this item it makes a great gift from a grandparent.
  • For kids who have anger and anxiety issues gifts that encourage developing these skills are helpful gifts at this age too.

Gift Guide for Tweens and Teens with Autism