Audible Time Timer 3"

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Help students with autism understand the passage of time with the Time Timer. This Timer works well with children with autism, Asperger's, PDD-NOS and other special needs.

For many children, it’s hard to understand the abstract concept of time. The Time Timer’s highly visual design makes it easier for special students with visual strengths to understand elapsed time. People can visually watch time pass as the red dial gets smaller and smaller each minute. The three inch timer is great to use at home, during dinner time or homework time, or individually on a student’s desk in the classroom.

The Time Timer clearly shows how much time is left in any interval up to sixty minutes. To use the timer, just move the red disc counterclockwise to the desired time interval. The red disc gets smaller as time passes until the red is all gone. The disc may be moved clockwise or counterclockwise without harming the mechanism. You also have the option of having an alarm go off when time is up.

In The Classroom The Time Timer is great for helping students focus and stay on task. It reinforces the sense of elapsed time with a graphic depiction of the time remaining. Use it to set time limits, measure the duration of activities, and help students manage their time.

Requires 1-AA battery, not included.