Aspergers on the Job

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A Foreword Magazine’s Gold Book of the Year winner, Asperger’s on the Job, is a must have advice book for those who have Asperger's or high functioning autism, their employers, educators, and advocates. Written by an accomplished young man on the spectrum, Rudy Simone, this book addresses many of the issues and challenges that those on the autism spectrum face on the job including: social blunders, sensory issues, and bullying by coworkers.

Young adults will appreciate the valuable advice for employment success with interview tips, a personal job map, and a guide to find and keep a job. This book will help employers see the advantages of hiring someone with Asperger’s and how to successfully work with them.

Sadly, the majority of those with Asperger’s do not have full time employment, no matter how intelligent they are. Temple Grandin states that “If I had read this book in my twenties, I could have avoided many problems with my coworkers. I truly believe this book will help individuals on the autism spectrum get, and keep, the fulfilling jobs that they deserve.”

Asperger’s on the Job will answer your work related questions and more, and is a much needed resource for Adults with Asperger’s entering the workforce.