Armond Goes To A Party

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Armond doesn't think parties are for him-- especially not Felicia's birthday party! Parties are hard for kids with Asperger's. They're noisy, smelly, and disorganized. The worst part is trying to socialize with the other party guests! However, with the help of Felicia and her mom, as well as other good friends who know what they can do to help, Armond is able to make it through the party and actually have fun! At the end of the day, the party wasn't easy, but Armond was up to the challenge.

This is a perfect book for teaching kids about coping with autism or Asperger's. Use it to teach helpful strategies for avoiding sensory overload and connecting with others socially. Or, help children without Asperger's to better understand what it is and how they can help. With simple text and attractive, full color illustrations, this book is great for reading aloud in the home, classroom, or clinic.