Anxiety Relief for Kids

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Teach the kids you care for with practical skills they can use immediately to deal with anxiety and panic.

This book presents a program you can use to guide children towards a happier, healtheir life. It is designed to help caring adults take a more active, constructive, and rewarding role in helping children manage and, ultimately, overcome anxiety.

It is based on the principals of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Backed by years of research, CBT is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on changing thoughts and behaviors to alleviate emotional problems.

This book will teach you:
-how anxiety starts.
-how anxiety grows.
-what mkes a child's anxiety worse.
-what you can do to reduce a child's anxiety.
-how to make better decisions related to a child's anxiety.
-how to respond constructively to an anxious child.

The program in this book has been used with children of all ages as well as teenagers.

197 pages