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Designed by a Speech Therapist who is also a BCBA,  this set of action cards is the one that you have been waiting for!  Each action features several flashcards that will help with generalization.

This set features both girls and boys engaged in several examples of an activity. For example, under “Brushing”, cards include both boys and girls brushing their hair, teeth, and a horse. For the action “Pouring”,  both girls and boys are photographed pouring orange juice, water, and milk.

Use these cards to work on labeling nouns and actions. Or use them to work on phrase and sentence construction. Guided text on the back of each card will help you to strengthen your student’s understanding and use of language following a systematic scope and sequence.

This set includes several examples of the following actions: blowing, brushing, building carrying, drinking, eating, feeding, hugging, kissing, opening, playing, pouring, putting on, riding, and washing.

This set comes in a sturdy cardboard box with index cards to help keep your cards organized. Each card features a full color photograph with a consistent orientation. Set includes 100 4 x 6 inch cards, index dividers, and cardboard storage box.