ABC Cookie Puzzle

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This fun play set is such a sweet way to learn the alphabet! With Learning Essential's ABC Cookie Puzzle, kids will have tons of fine motor fun as they move and manipulate the colored letter cookies into the correct slots.

This item encourages basic spelling, color matching, motor development, letter identification, and more. Tons of fun for young children at home, in the classroom, or at the therapy center, this fun puzzle is a great resource! A handy guide is included with ideas on how you can use the ABC Cookie Puzzle in all sorts of activities.

This set includes 26 letter cookies, a spatula, and a puzzle baking sheet. Kids will enjoy using the spatula to move letters around and lift them off of the sheet for tons of fine motor practice. With five different colors of cookie, this item is also great for practicing grouping and pattern recognition.

Recommended for kids grades pre-K and older, ages 3+. 28 pieces.