ABA Language Cards with Manipulatives

ABA Language Cards with Manipulatives

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The extensive ABA Language Cards set features 2,000 flashcards designed especially for beginning ABA programs.

This set features high quality glossy 3.25 inch x 5 inch full color photographs that make it easy to teach essential early language and school skills. Each card is labeled, numbered and sorted by category.

A sturdy box and index card system makes it easy to keep the cards organized for your program. The cards are organized by teaching areas with several examples of objects from a wide variety of categories to help with generalization.

Cards are broken down into the following 25 learning skills:

  • 3D-2D Matching Identical
  • 2D-2D Identical Matching
  • 3D-2D Matching Non-Identical
  • 2D-2D Matching Non-Identical
  • 2D/2D Non-Identical Sorting
  • Categories: Animals, Clothes, People, Body Parts, Vehicles, Foods, Toys, Rooms, Drinks and more.
  • Pattern Matching 2-Part
  • Pattern Matching 3-Part
  • Pattern Matching 4-Part
  • Block Building
  • Imaginative Block Building
  • Object Labels
  • Feature, Function, Class
  • Body Parts
  • Associations
  • Animal Sounds
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Letters
  • Numbers
  • Actions
  • Plurals-Regular
  • Plurals-Irregular
  • Big/Little Identical
  • Big/Little Non-identical
  • Shape & Color Generalization
  • Emotions

This set also includes a set of 3-D items for 2-D to 3-D Matching activities. This set of manipulatives include a set of animals, foods, and blocks. This kit is designed for matching, sorting, non-identical match and imaginative play activities.