Yellow Chewy Tubes-An SLP Favorite!

Yellow Chewy Tubes
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We're sure you’ll find the Yellow Chewy Tube will help your special children and clients! Chewy Tubes can help redirect children who are chewing on their clothes or fingernails. We have found Chewy Tubes to be resilient and helpful for practicing biting and chewing skills. Use these in your home or classroom as a therapeutic chewy that is useful for those with sensory disorders.

This item is designed to stimulate the jaw, gums, lips, and tongue to provide sensory feedback to those who crave it. We’re proudly offer Chewy Tubes as a non-toxic, latex free, lead free, PVC free and phthalates free product. The yellow chewy tube is unique with a smaller diameter than standard. This is great for providing precise stimulation.

Chewy tubes can be cleaned with regular soap and warm water. Although they are designed to be highly durable, they may break down from aggressive and frequent use. Therefore, due to the chance of small pieces breaking off and becoming a hazard, users should remember to replace chewy tubes at the first sign of wear.

Chewy Tubes autism resources are also available in non-textured versions blue and red.
Product Reviews
  Works great!, November 4, 2012
Posted By: Tiffani

Chewy tube worked great for my 4 year old son! We don\'t have to change his shirt 6 times an hour from it being sopping wet from him chewing on it! The only problem was, the chew tube didn\'t come with any kind of accessory to hang it on. So we improvised and used the plastic, gimpy stuff that kids use to make jewelry with and it hangs around his neck like a necklace. Problem solved for us, but not good if other kids decide to chew on rubber necklace strand instead. But yes, the chew tube serves its purpose, and serves it well. Definitely recommend. Have heard of some cases where kids have \"shredded\" the chew tube and chewed pieces off, but havn\'t had that problem, either.

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