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Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)
AutismoAspergers Syndrome
Azrin and Foxx Toilet Training in Less Than a Day MethodToy and Gift Guide
Teens With Autism and IEP GoalsAuditory ProcessingAutism Gift Guide
Autism Classroom Set Up Tips for Autistic Student SuccessPDD-NOS Weighted Vest Benefits of a Weighted Vest for a Child with Autism
Weighted Vest FAQsEarly Signs of Autism Autism and Communication Difficulties
PDD-NOS ChecklistToy and Gift Guide
Autism and Your ChurchSpeech & LanguageAutism Repetitive BehaviorsSensory Integration Therapy
Wilbarger ProtocolAutismThe Proprioceptive Sense
What is Sensory Processing Disorder?Toys for Toddlers with AutismTypical Language Development for Children with Autism
Social Symptoms Toe Walking
I Think My Child Has Autism- What Do I Do?Autism Parenting: Tips, Strategies and AdvocacyDr. Spock's Toilet Training Method
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Autism and Autism Education ScholarshipsWeighted Neck Wrap Cover
Price: $9.49
Weighted Blanket Cover-XS, S, M
Price: $69.99
Weighted Blanket Cover-L and XL
Price: $84.99
Handle for Sensory Brush
Price: $6.99, 3/$15.99
Autism Awareness Shirt
Price: $24.99
Sale Price: $12.49
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