What's Wrong With This Picture Cards Builds Vocabulary and Problem Solving Skills

What's Wrong With This Picture Cards
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Teach the children you work with how to figure out what’s wrong with each picture with this fun and educational card set! In each of the 45 full color photographs, something "wrong" or "silly" is happening. Penguins are driving around in a real car, a snowman lives on the beach, and a horse is wearing green shoes on his hooves. Kids will love to look at the silly pictures, figure out what doesn’t belong, and verbalize what they see. Use these cards on their own or incorporate them into other classroom activities for added fun. This set is a great choice for highly visual learners and can also be helpful with teaching language and speech skills.

These photographs are great for encouraging looking for details, building descriptive language, increasing vocabulary, developing visual discrimination skills, and stimulating conversation. Use them in your home, classroom, or clinic to teach these vital developmental skills.
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