Understanding Emotions ABA and SLP Flashcards

Understanding Emotions
Understanding EmotionsUnderstanding EmotionsUnderstanding Emotions
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Get ready to learn emotions with the Understanding Emotions card set. Teachers and therapists will appreciate the high quality sturdy construction of the 3" x 3.5" glossy card stock cards. Clear photographs on the front of each card display an image representing one basic emotion, helping children to recognize, label, and understand emotions. The back of each card gives a simple, understandable description of how each emotion feels and when they could possibly occur.

Card set is attached by a simple ring making them great for therapists on the go. Cards can easily be removed from ring to provide multiple learning options. Use them for quick, easy quizzing or teach in a different way by making new activities. This set includes 30 emotion cards including happy, sad, angry, frustrated, excited and many more. These affordable emotion cards are great for ABA, VB SLPs, early intervention programs or the home.
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