Think Social!: A Social Thinking Curriculum

Think Social!
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Think Social! is the perfect curriculum companion to Thinking About YOU Thinking About ME. This step-by-step curriculum will help you teach social-cognitive and -communicative skills to students who have these challenges that affect their school and home life. Think Social! includes 69 lessons that teach students the basics of working and thinking in a group. Each chapter addresses how to use and interpret language (verbal and nonverbal) to understand the contexts where real communication happens. The lessons span from kindergarten through adulthood.

This book includes an in depth introduction to social thinking groups and the core social-thinking philosophy. The introduction sections include: "The Four Steps of Communication," "The Four Steps of Perspective Taking," "Where is the scientific evidence for the information in this curriculum" and "Can this curriculum be used for students who are not on the autism spectrum or not labeled with NLD, ADHD, etc." A companion CD with reproducible handouts that are Mac/PC compatible is also included. Helpful IEP goals and related standards are included on a CD with each book. Each chapter ends with IEP goal suggestions to reinforce social concepts. Each chapter also provides a list of educational standards, tying Social Thinking directly to the academics of the classroom.

Pages: 373
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