Tactile Toys: Fun developmental toys that develop the sense of touch!

Our sturdy, high quality tactile toys are great for students with sensory needs. Children learn and explore their environment through their sense of touch. The activities and products in this section will provide hours of fun tactile exploration. We have sand and water tables, tactile toys, multi-textured paints, and more. We have the items you need to support your sensory program or early intervention classroom.
Helpful Products
Sand and Water Table, Clear
Price: $432.00
Sale Price: $405.99
Tactile Playing Mat - 6 pieces
Price: $208.00
Sale Price: $205.99
Tactile Cube - Set of 6
Price: $220.00
Sale Price: $210.99
Wikki Stix Multi Sensory Resource
Price: $19.99
Living Sands Large Set
Price: $79.99
Fidget Set
Price: $45.99
Sale Price: $39.99
Thera-Snow Jumbo 1 Pound Size
Price: $49.95
Sale Price: $44.95
Wonder Sensory Blocks
Price: $29.99
Teachable Touchables
Price: $26.99
Ruff's House Teaching Tactile Set
Price: $29.99
Finger Paint Sensations Kit
Price: $24.95
Dinosaur Squishimal Set
Price: $19.99
Hide-n-Go Fish
Price: $24.99
Feel and Find
Price: $29.99
Plox Class Pack
Price: $31.99
Sensory Collage Kit
Price: $39.99
Textured Pop Beads Toy
Price: $24.95
Living Sands Small Set
Price: $25.99
Touch and Match Animal Cards
Price: $24.99
Deluxe Finger Paint Paper
Price: $14.99
Pin Art
Price: $19.99
Sale Price: $14.99
Touch & Feel Farm Animal Puzzle
Price: $11.99
PLOX Collage Material
Price: $12.95
Sale Price: $6.99
Tear-Riffic Sensations Paper
Price: $9.99
Original Tangle with Texture
Price: $29.99
"Teach Me Shapes" Rubbing Plate Shapes
Price: $13.99
Leaf Rubbing Plates
Price: $9.79
Flower Rubbing Plates
Price: $9.79
Tangle Therapy
Price: $11.95
Sale Price: $9.99
Animal Massager
Price: $9.99
Glow in the Dark Krypton Putty
Price: $10.99
Light up Ooey Gooey Starfish
Price: $5.99
Ooey Gooey Frog
Price: $5.99
Theraputty 2 oz
Price: $4.99
Stretchy Mice and Cheese
Price: $4.99
Velvet Slime Anemone
Price: $5.95
Tactile Atom Ball
Price: $3.99, 3/$9.99
The Original Koosh Ball
Price: $4.99
Large Sticky Starfish
Price: $1.99
Noise Putty
Price: $2.99
Suddenly Snow
Price: $4.99
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