Sensory & Social Emotional Picture Card Set

Sensory & Social Emotional Picture Card Set
Sensory & Social Emotional Picture Card SetSensory & Social Emotional Picture Card Set
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Product Details
Do you need a helpful tool for teaching someone with special needs about communication skills? Help children communicate sensory needs and emotions with this extensive card set.

This interactive communication card set features 120 laminated communication cards. Designed for picture communication, this card set includes 120 standard 2" x 2" high quality laminated cards, 124 Velcro coins and four sentence strips.

Pictures include: hug, kiss, run tickle, massage, thirsty, hungry, drink, sleep, open, close, push pull, mat, too loud, trampoline, bounce, put in, take out, up, down, wait, stop, go, quiet, deep pressure, chewy tube, shake, laugh, cry bossy, rough, gentle, curious, bored, silly, worried, curious, disappointed, surprised, happy, stressed, lonely, scared, excited plus much, much more!

Therapists and teachers rave about the success of these card sets. A great way to help people express their feelings and sensory needs! Use this set to help children make choices during therapy and monitor their emotional responses.
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