Sitting Disc: Great for kids with Autism

Seating Disc w/ Pump
Item #:200150
Price:$24.99, 6/$134.99

Product Details
This 14" air-filled seat disc has a unique dome-shaped top that mimics an exercise ball. It's great to help kids sit and attend to classroom tasks! The seat disc features slight 1/8" bumps on one side with a larger tactile bumps on the other. Add enough air to the sitting disc so the individual's bottom can wiggle ever so slightly, just enough to help your students pay attention. This sit disc is sure to help your student focus while also providing minimal distractions with it's discreet design - a teacher favorite.
Product Reviews
  Great Help for Any Kid, October 30, 2014
Posted By: Lilli

This has been a great help at the supper table for our daughter, who is not special needs. It enables her to sit (more) still and eat. Very easy to pump up, and clean.

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  Seating Disc w/ pump, April 7, 2014
Posted By: David

I love this disc! I tried it at a restuarant and my back felt great so went out and bought one. Now i have one for my home, one for work and i've bought one for my mom and my girlfriend! they are awesome!

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  Disc, January 30, 2014
Posted By: Jennifer

Our kids LOVE it !!

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  ok, February 9, 2012
Posted By: Teresa

Im sure this product would have been helpful had my child been older. There wasnt an age guideline on this one so I took a chance and bought it for my 7 yr old. It was way too big for her little school chair and was rendered useless because it kept slipping off the chair.

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  great value, October 27, 2011
Posted By: Lisa Stonehouse

My daughter has used this type of seat at school and we purchased one for home. I was a little leary of buying a more generic brand, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and it comes with a great pump that can deflate or inflate the seat. I am very glad I purchased this product and the price was better than anywhere else.

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