Yoga for Children with Special Needs DVD

Yoga for Children with Special Needs DVD
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Through yoga you can encourage mental and physical well-being, help the kids you work with strengthen their bodies, and teach self calming techniques. Yoga exercises helps children to grade the force of their movements.  This is because the slow movements and poses don't push a child's muscles to full extension. Children will increase both gross motor and fine motor strength, breath support, and concentration skills.

The kids you work with will enjoy joining Yoga instructor Aras Baskauskas and OT Britt Collins, as they take kids just like them through a yoga routine. The children on this DVD have autism and have never practiced yoga before. As they practice OT Britt points out helpful suggestions regarding each child's special needs.

Please note this DVD is appropriate for children who have the ability to stand, bend down and touch the ground, and can imitate and follow directions.

Running Time approximately 60 Minutes.

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