Sleep Tight Weighted Blanket

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The Sleep Tight™ weighted blanket is so calming and relaxing. Great to help your child fall asleep and stay asleep. It;s designed for adults and children three and up.

Calming down enough to go to sleep is difficult for many people. Swaddling, which is gentle pressure from a blanket, has been used to help soothe babies for years. The gentle pressure of this blanket provides a similar calming effects.

This blanket features a curved cut out at the top of the blanket allowing it to contour the shoulders and under the chin providing lots of deep pressure without bunching weight up around the neck. Note: please never place the blanket over the face.

In order to concentrate the weight of the blanket on the person, The Sleep Tight™ is smaller than a regular blanket so that the weight is distributed across the body rather than the bed. Soft corduroy fabric further encourages calming down for a good night sleep.

Unlike other weighted products worn during the day that have wearing time limitations, one can use this all night.  You can  also take it off after the person falls asleep if you prefer to do so. Since the added weight provides additional warmth, you may want to keep a lower room temperatures or use a fan to prevent sleepers from overheating.

Colors available: Navy Corduroy, Buckskin Corduroy, Blue Waves & Navy Blue on back.

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