Oral Motor Tools & Autism Chew Toys

Our oral motor tools, chewy tubes and autism chew toys are designed to go in the mouth. These products have been designed and tested to help children who crave chewing as well as help children with oral motor problems. Our selection of oral motor tools help with lip closure, breath control and muscle tone and may provide sensory input to the lips, mouth area and jaw.

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Oral Motor Therapy Oral Motor Therapy helps develop motor skills needed for speech, chewing and swallowing. Basically, oral motor tools exercise the muscles in a person's mouth, lips and jaw.

Helpful Oral Motor Tools & Exercises
  • Handheld Massagers such as a Z-Vibe. The vibration offers stimulation on the oral muscles to help increase awareness and are great sensory chewies.
  • Chewy tubes offer great ways to strengthen a child's bite and chew.
  • Blowing Bubbles, a harmonica or whistle can help improve a child's motor planning skills and achieve an appropriate lip seal.
  • Blow a kazoo. The kazoo is helpful for breath and vocal control because one must hum to create sound with a kazoo.
  • Using a Straw is helpful exercise for lips.
  • Use a toothbrush to brush the upper and lower lips. You can use toothbrushes with different levels of stiffness.
  • Licking Ice Cream, practice using the tongue to lick dripping ice cream.
  • Apply Peanut Butter, Frosting, Marshmallow cream or syrup on the upper lip and use the tongue to reach from side-to-side to lick it off.
  • Electric Toothbrush provides stimulation and the sensory feedback a child may need.
Helpful Products
Smart Mom Necklace Assorted ColorsChewable JewelryOral Motor Toys & WhistlesZ-Vibes, Tips, Kits
Chewable Pencil Toppers  (Chewys Pencil Topper)
Price: $8.49
Sale Price: $5.99
Grabber Variety Pack
Price: $18.99
9" Chew Tubes - Set of 3
Price: $8.99
Chewease: Clip on Chewy Tube
Price: $14.99
Super Chews
Price: $5.49
Red Chewy Tubes
Price: $7.99, 3/$21.95, 6/$39.95
Green Chewy Tube (Textured)
Price: $7.99, 3/$21.95, 6/$39.95
Blue Chewy Tube
Price: $7.99, 3/$21.95, 6/$39.95
Grabber Aroma Pack
Price: $29.99
Knobby Q
Price: $5.99
Cool Chews
Price: $12.95
Grabber XT
Price: $7.49, 3/$19.99
Textured Grabber XT
Price: $7.49, 3/$19.99
Textured Grabber
Price: $7.49, 3/$19.99
Ps & Qs
Price: $8.50
Price: $7.99, 3/$21.99
Tri-Chew XT
Price: $7.99, 3/$21.99
Yellow Chewy Tubes
Price: $7.95, 3/$21.95, 6/$39.95
ARK Grabber
Price: $7.49, 3/$19.99
Baby Grabber Combo Pack
Price: $12.99
Just Q's
Price: $5.99
Cool Chews Stems
Price: $5.99
Beckman EZ Spoons 5 Pack
Price: $24.49
Ark Probe
Price: $6.99, 3/$17.99
Oro Navigator
Price: $6.99, 5/$29.99
Price: $6.99, 3/$17.99
All About Me 2 in 1 Mirrors
Price: $32.99
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