Oral Motor Toys for Breath Control

Tired of constantly just blowing bubbles? Check out our fun selection of oral motor toys! Therapy is always easier when itís fun, so we have put together this list of toys to help keep your clients motivated as they build their oral motor muscles.

Youíll love our collection of interesting whistles, or how about letting your students build their own sound horns to play with. Our bubble toys will help your students improve their breath control and even give them the option to catch a bubble or two. Our chewable vibration toys and multi-textured chew toys will provide lots of oral exploration and sensory input.

Keeping a large variety on hand will keep the kids you work with from getting bored playing with the same old items. Now you have lots of options to keep kids engaged and therapy exciting. We gladly accept POs from schools and hospitals.
Helpful Products
Oral Motor Toy Set
Price: $24.99
Splash Proof Bubbler
Price: $8.49
Multi Voice Changer
Price: $15.99
Saxoflute Super
Price: $17.99
Price: $12.99
Baby Buzz'r
Price: $19.99
Sale Price: $18.29
Busy Bee Baby Buzz'r
Price: $19.99
Large Wood Train Whistle
Price: $5.99
Sale Price: $4.49
Wood Slide Whistle
Price: $3.95
Pustefix Bubble Bear
Price: $8.49
Teether Ball
Price: $5.99, 3/$15.00
Wiggly Turtle
Price: $4.99
Wiggly Octopus
Price: $4.99
Metal Harmonica
Price: $4.99
Sale Price: $3.99
Metal Kazoo
Price: $2.99, 4/$9.99
Price: $4.99
Sale Price: $1.99
Warbling Bird Whistle
Price: $0.75, 3/$1.99
Alligator Bubble Sax
Price: $6.99
Bubble Trumpet
Price: $5.99
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