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The Writing C.L.A.W. grip is a revolutionary new pencil grip that places fingers in the correct position. This writing grip fits pens, pencils, crayons and markers. For left or right handed.

Just slide the thumb in the largest slot and slide the middle and index fingers in the other openings. Small size is recommended for children ages 3-5 with adult supervision. Medium is recommended for children ages 6-12. Large is recommended for ages 12-adult.

Non-Toxic, for ages 4 and up
Product Reviews
  Success!!!!, October 11, 2013
Posted By: Natasha Therrien

Our Son has struggled with his pencil grip for years, the Writing C.L.A.W has helped him immensely! His fingers are now in proper position and there is little hand pain now! We are just so excited that we have found such a great product to help our Son advance!!!

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  best one out there, September 19, 2012
Posted By: Marcia Ward

I have tried every pencil holder there is with my now 5 yr old son. This is the only one that has ever helped him to hold his pencil correctly. He can even hold it the correct way without it now!

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  2 Week Review, June 18, 2012
Posted By: Diana

My son is 7 years old and struggles with fine motor skills, I purchased this as a tool to help him. I found that it helped him be more aware of how he holds his pencil, his writing is not effected by it, and he does not like it, it feels awkward for him and uncomfortable. I still insist that he start his lessons using it and he can then remove it but the deal is only good for as long as he is holding his pencil correctly. I have a 5 year old who does not have any fine motor skill struggles and he absolutely loves using the writing claw and his writing does improve while using it. We have only been using the writing claw for 2 weeks.

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  Helpful and fun, November 6, 2011
Posted By: Bonnie

The other kids want one and it does seem to help focus his grip better.

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  Best pencil grip on the market, September 22, 2011
Posted By: Matt

I have bought many different styles of pencil grips and I have never seen one as effective as this. Whether for correction or simply relieving strain, I cannot recommend this grip highly enough.

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