Noise Reduction Ear Muffs

Noise Reduction Ear Muffs
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Help kids with autism and sensory issues manage sound challenges with our noise reducing headphones. The discreet, flat black, low-profile design of the ear muffs makes them a great choice for school. Originally developed for the shooting range, therapists have found they can help manage stress and anxiety when sound-sensitive kids enter loud environments.

They also reduce the impact of loud noises such as fire drills. Students can also wear them to muffle sound when itís time to concentrate. The comfortable band is adjustable and works well for children and teens, but could be tight for adults or those with larger heads. They are portable and can easily fit in a backpack or class desk. They are also lightweight and comfortable, weighing just six ounces. They have a 25 decibel noise reduction rating (NRR).

Please note these headphones should only be worn on an as-needed basis. People who continually wear them can actually increase their auditory sensitivity.
Product Reviews
  sound proof earmuffs, January 2, 2015
Posted By: Renee Knight

My niece has not had the chance to use it yet, but I\\\\\\\'ve tested it out and it\\\\\\\'s ok. The earmuffs do reduces to some degree, too tight, but my niece will be the true testimony. Will get back to you on that review.

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  Good, September 10, 2014
Posted By: Breauna

This can be great tool for kiddos that need it! One thing worth noting is these are a bit of a tight fit for my students. I would have liked them to be more comfortable. The tight fit is a distraction and can cause students to be comfortable thus defeating the purpose.

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  Great!!!, July 14, 2014
Posted By: Amy Stephenson

My 11 y.o. autistic daughter is very sensitive to certain noises. Mainly babies up to the age of 3 crying. We take them with us when we go out. As soon as soon as we hear a triggering noise, she puts them on and she's happy. Thank you for a perfect solution.

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  Ear phones, March 10, 2014
Posted By: Donna Wysong

They are so tight to open it is hard for me, they leave large red marks on my 7yr olds ears and area around the ears. She can\'t put them on without help.

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  Good for the classroom, February 22, 2014
Posted By: Pam

I bought these for a couple of my students who have difficulty working or focusing when it not really quiet. A number of my other students ask to use them throughout the day. I could probably use a couple more! It's good to teach students to advocate for their own needs.

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