Handi-Writer: Puts a Pencil "Write" in the Hand

Handi-Writer Wristband
Handi-Writer WristbandHandi-Writer Wristband
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The HandiWriter is designed to help someone hold a writing tool correctly. The HandiWriter is made of a stretch knit band with a charm on a cord. This is such a simple design, yet it's so helpful! It is recommended for children of any age, who have inappropriate grasp patterns. The HandiWriter is being used in many classrooms, clinics and homes, and has proven beneficial to ALL children who are learning to write.

Just slide the small loop of the HandiWriter over the pencil, then slide the large loop around the wrist, and hold the charm in the palm of the hand with the ring and pinky finger. This easily pulls the pencil into the correct position promoting a Tripod grip.

Use a Handiwriter with a pencil grip for more fine motor control. It can be used with many of the pencil grips currently available.

The HandiWriter is made of a soft, latex free, stretch knit band.

One size fits most.
Product Reviews
  small writst, November 26, 2012
Posted By: D

We have used the handi writer before when my child was younger. It does help with writing using the proper grip. This is too small for a 9 year old.

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  Depends on the Kid!, April 12, 2012
Posted By: Jennifer

This would be an excellent tool if your kids doesn't try to "cheat the system" and hold onto the charm with more fingers than they're supposed to. That's why I also bought the Ellie Grip.

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  A bit tight, but improved writing, November 6, 2011
Posted By: Bonnie

His hand got tired after using it for 30 minutes in class, but it did improve his grip immensely. I suspect using it in small doses would be better. My child is almost 8.

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  Helpful Tool, October 7, 2011
Posted By: Sonya

This tool helped my son to learn the proper grip to hold the pencil and there was minimal reisistance to fading it out. He still able to to maintain his grip and has increased the pressure and control of the pencil.

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  Miracle worker, September 22, 2011
Posted By: LeAn

I bought this product based on the recommendation of my son's Occupational Therapist. It has worked wonders and has given him more confidence to write his name and the willingness to draw more. Thank you.

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