Organic Fabric Chewable Wristbands for Kids and Teens

Organic Fabric Chewable Wristband Set of 2
Item #:160021

Product Details
This helpful oral motor chewy is great for kids who chew on their shirt sleeves. Each one is made of soft, stretchy fabric that is easy on the teeth and gums. Made of organic cotton, the wristband is a snug fit and safe for mouthing. This is a great way to provide kids with an alternative to chewing on clothes. Machine wash. Set of 2.

**Parental Supervision Required
Product Reviews
  SAVES CLOTHING!!, January 31, 2015
Posted By: JennySue

I LOVE these, but ONLY have two!!!! I need MORE!!!! Now, my eldest is also using this armband.bnot to chew on, but to twist during anxiety hits a high. My son with autistiUM WAS chewing holes thru ALL his stuff.... Now, he looks for "green band" n all is well!!!

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  chewable wristbands, January 5, 2015
Posted By: lupe beam

My granddaughter(DJ) is nonverbal autistic and my daughter (her mom) said that that was the best Christmas gift DJ had received. She has the habit of putting her sleeves or socks in mouth. Didn't hear any negative remarks as of yet.

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  Perfect, January 4, 2015
Posted By: Jaron

This has been great for our son who makes spaghetti of his sweater sleeves. He loved having the wrist band over his sweater, like the big athletes. The only draw back was he said it doesn't taste good, but he is very picky about foods. HE still uses them and they have saved us from buying a new sweater every other week.

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  Good Substitute!, September 12, 2014
Posted By: Allison Crawford

I chose these to use as a replacement for chewing on clothing and biting forearms. They appeal to the kids because they don't standout so much. I always talk about the athletes who wear similar items (i.e. sweat bands).

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  Didn't work for us, August 30, 2014
Posted By: Kate

My son chewed this for a couple of minutes and then took it off, disgustedly, and told me he had "fuzz" in his mouth.

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