Exercise Bands: Great for fidgety legs!

Exercise Bands for Legs
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Do you have a student who is having a hard time focusing or staying seated? Place these exercise bands around the bottom of two front chair legs. Your student can kick against the band to get a gross motor workout, without disturbing your class. So discreet, almost no one will notice your special student's legs moving!

Use this band to help students who need to fidget to focus. It can help kids who have restless or bouncing legs. Use these in the winter to provide lots of movement opportunities, when going outside is not an option. Now your students have a quiet, non-distracting way to sit and wiggle.

This simple strategy has been recommended by Occupational Therapists for years. They can be used in Moderate/Severe classrooms by multiple students. Use them in general education settings to help inclusion students with autism or ADHD. They are an inexpensive focus tool for home use too! Use them to help your child focus during homework, or to stay seated during a meal!
Product Reviews
  Great Resource, September 23, 2014
Posted By: Melissa Abel

Ordered these bands for my son's second-grade class - one for him as he needs them as part of his OT - and I ordered the 10-pack for extra value. His teacher has raved about them for kids who just needed a little something to help keep them in their chairs. Hold up well to lots of 7-8 year old use.

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  exercise bands, February 19, 2014
Posted By: Suzanne Funk

While not for every student, for those for whom these works, the exercise bands are fantastic. Using them around chair legs give some children something for feet to move without bothering neighbors. Keeping feet busy often helps the mind to focus.

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  Great for antsy sitters, January 22, 2014
Posted By: Laura Walls

Being able to bounce his feet against this band has helped my 6 year old sit in his chair during meals and homework time.

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  helps occupy feet, February 4, 2013
Posted By: Stacy

I would recommend, exceptional value for the price. I would suggest considering spending more money for s stronger band. This is a great investment but I would limit it to younger students. For my older students (above fifth grade) I would want a stronger product. I have had this product in my classroom for a week and it has not broken.

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