Examples of Specific ASD Communication Issues

The ability to communicate is a crucial part of our everyday being. People with an ASD often have difficulty using language to convey their thoughts, feelings, and wishes to other people; however, not all people with an ASD have difficulty learning to talk. The communication difficulties related to autism can be much more complicated and subtle they can be related to the social uses of language and in using nonverbal language to communicate as well.
  • repeats words/phrases of others (Echolalia)
  • uses own language (jargoning)
  • repeats a word or phrase
  • reverses pronouns I/me/my and you/your
  • refers to self by name
  • does not respond to conversational initiation
  • gives unrelated answers to questions
  • makes comments unrelated to conversation topic
  • does not point
  • does not respond to pointing
  • uses few or no gestures
  • talks in monotone or robot-like
  • does not respond to own name
  • no pretend play; does not understand pretend play
  • does not understand jokes, sarcasm, idioms, teasing, or similes
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