Cuddle Loop: Provides A Calming Swaddle Effect For Kids

Cuddle Loop
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Do you have a student with special needs who craves pressure and gentle sensory stimulation? Designed by a therapist, the Cuddle Loop provides a tight, snuggly, swaddle effect for kids. Use it to calm and comfort those with sensory challenges. Kids can sit or lie down while wearing it. Each loop is made of durable Lycra material that can stretch four ways.

Easily adjust the swaddling effect by knotting the bottom. This quick adjustment allows you to provide just the right amount of deep pressure for each individual child. You can also use a fastener (not included) at any point to tighten the loop as shown in the picture above.

Therapists will appreciate the durable, high quality fabric, and double stitched, reinforced seams of this product. Itís built to last! Loops fit children from 6 months to approximately 8 years of age (18 lbs.-45 lbs.) and come in assorted colors.
Product Reviews
  Perfec for mykids, August 6, 2013
Posted By: Anna

Portable and easy to use anytime and anywhere to give that deep pressure that all kids crave, not just those with sensory processing disorder!

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  Useful, July 25, 2012
Posted By: Jana

My daughter has a Sensory Processing Disorder and sensory seeks often. During a meltdown the wrap isn't tight enough to calm her and is hard to use (tie in a knot) with the large opening during an irrationale moment. Although, when she is calm and sensory seeking it is useful for her sit in the middle of the hole and to push her feet and hands against and wrap over her head. My ultimate goal is for it to be used while she is in a special education preschool program to assist her in receiving the pressure/touch she needs to sit still more than 2 minutes.

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  Confusing, May 15, 2012
Posted By: Danielle

While this was going to be one of my favorite items purchased, we just can't seem to get it on my son. He wiggles far too much to ever get it tied up and around his shoulders and feet. If it did not have a big hole in the middle I think this would work better. If he could just crawl into the whole thing and not fall out the back side, I could get it tied up. But as it is, he just uses it to pull on and get some sensory input from the tension when held in front of him taught while he pulls on the fabric.

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  Cuddle loop, September 24, 2011
Posted By: Jennifer

My two year, who has red flags for autism, likes to wrap the cuddle loop around her shoulders and head. Sometimes I use it to cover her up.

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