Have fun teaching children and teens on the spectrum with our wide selection of games. They will help your students learn strategies to deal with social problems, recognize emotions, ask questions, understand body language, and more. Designed by professionals, they work well in social skills groups, therapy sessions, or at home. They provide a great platform for addressing challenges in a relaxed, fun, and nonthreatening environment.

So many games are highly competitive and language based putting kids with social and or language disorders at a disadvantage. This selection of cooperative games often include visual cues and are not so language intensive. The highly visual nature of many of these cooperative games often give kids with autism or visual strengths, an advantage as they play with their peers.

Therapists and parents appreciate that cooperative games are designed for players to work as a team against a common obstacle rather than playing against each other. Kids make decisions together, learn to share and to work as a team. These games have worked extremely well in therapy settings and encourage inclusion, by eliminating stress and the focus on winning.

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