Chewelry: A Durable Chewable Necklace for Boys and Girls

Chewelry Necklace Best Seller!
Chewelry Necklace Best Seller!Chewelry Necklace Best Seller!
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Price:$7.99, 3/$21.95, 7/$45.95

Product Details
Our best-selling Chewelry necklace is an affordable option for boys, girls, teens and adults who need to chew. It’s made of food grade FDA approved materials and contains no heavy metals, phthalates, lead or BPAs. This is a convenient and discreet way to provide sensory stimulation to the mouth while still looking socially appropriate. Use this necklace to redirect inappropriate chewing and keep kids from sucking and chewing on the shirt collars, sleeves, hair and fingers. Each 6-1/4" (16cm) diameter necklace features a coiled designed that provides lots of sensory stimulation.

Chewelry must always be used with adult supervision and removed before going on playground equipment or engaging in activities where it can get caught. Choosing a Color: if you would like a specific color you can request it by making a note in the "customer comment" box during check out. The colors available are: green, white, orange, yellow, blue, purple and red. For orders outside of the United States and Canada please use the “International Checkout” button.
Product Reviews
  Mason, December 19, 2014
Posted By: Alan

These really help my son to keep from chewing on his clothes.

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  Chewelry, December 14, 2014
Posted By: Amber

My son loves this piece. It has helped slow him down from chewing on his clothes -- which is AWESOME.

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  helpful product, October 5, 2014
Posted By: Shannon T

This has been a helpful for my son who chews on his clothes to relieve stress.

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  chewelry necklace, October 2, 2014
Posted By: C. Brandes

Kinder teacher handed it back to me in a ziplock bag. My 5 year old son chews holes in his shirt. Apparently the necklace was being chewed on, but the saliva and spit were dripping all over the table and the necklace kept being used as a sling shot for spit! Too distracting and gross. We have had better luck with the "cool chews" and pencil fidgets.

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  Good product, September 29, 2014
Posted By: Terri

My gransdon has a compulsive chewing issue. He really likes this necklace, but the teacher says he whips it around in class, which is not so great.

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