Red Chewy Tubes - A Classic Chew Toy for Kids With Autism

Red Chewy Tubes
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We know when it comes to items for the mouth, safety is of the utmost importance. The red chewy tube has been thoroughly tested to ensure quality and durability. It is non-toxic and does not contain lead, latex, PVCs or phthalates. It was designed by an Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP) with over 20 years of experience. Therapists, teachers, and parents will appreciate that this item is made of only durable, FDA approved materials.

The T" shape design of the chewy tube allows kids to easily hold it, and keeps them from pushing the tube too far back in the mouth to cause gagging. It provides a resilient, non-food, chewable surface for people who need to develop or strengthen jaw and mouth muscles. Use to redirect problem chewing or to help those with anxiety or pica. Please use with adult supervision at all times and discard at the first sign of wearing or cracking.
Product Reviews
  Best Chewy Tubes, May 5, 2014
Posted By: Lynette Lozano

We have found these to be the best chewy tubes for our patient's. They are so durable and easy to grasp for our kiddos to hang onto. We love how safe they are!

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  Perfect, March 7, 2014
Posted By: Jen

These were perfect for both our kids who have trouble speaking clearly because of muscular issues in their mouths and jaws. They can chew while they watch movies and strengthen their mouths. Already seeing a difference.

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  durable chew for my 13yr old, January 31, 2014
Posted By: Cheryl Robbins

I bought this chew tube for my son who is almost 14. I like that it is very durable as he loves to chew on everything...especially his nails. We offer the chew tube as a replacement and he loves it. I have since bought extra chews in red as well as the green and blue. I have to say so far with what I have tried these are the best for durability. They also help with his anxiety issues at school as well as at restaurants and shopping. I even offer him his chew when he has a hard time going to sleep at night...it seems to help relax.

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  So far, so good, August 7, 2013
Posted By: Rebecca

Product has been used minimally and has held up pretty well. My daughter is 13 and chews aggressively. The only thing that I've noticed is that there are visible dents with only a few uses. Easy to clean/wash. Once she uses it a bit more, I will update review.

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  Excellent Product, October 21, 2011
Posted By: Michele

This is a great tool to help your child. Very durable. Highly recommend.

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