Autism Sign to Speak Set

Autism Sign to Speak Set
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Join Hopkins as he teaches your child with autism American Sign Language. The Autism Support Sign to Speak set is designed to encourage both language and social skills. A helpful guide, Using Signing Time with Individuals on the Autism Spectrum, will guide you through getting the most out of this set. Now you can enhance language as you learn to communicate about daily routines, interacting with family, making new friends and understanding feelings.

Video modeling by real children engaged in a variety of social situations will help you introduce and practice basic social skills. Social topics covered in these videos include sharing, toys, manners, family members, feelings, things outside, fruits, vegetables, colors of the rainbow, as well as signs and phrases that will help you meet and greet new friends! Fun songs are also included in the videos to encourage practice.

Research has shown that signing helps increase both receptive and expressive vocabulary and can be a powerful multi-sensory learning experience. Each sign in these videos is introduced along with the spoken word. Words are taught in context to build language understanding.

This set includes the getting started guide: Using Signing Time with Individuals on the Autism Spectrum, four DVDs, includes your own personal Hopkins toy to get your kids learning ASL.
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