Autism Reinforcers Toys for ABA VB and More

Reinforcer ToysPositive reinforcement is a powerful tool for shaping or changing an autistic child's behavior. We offer a wide selection of autism reinforcer toys for your ABA, VB or special education program. Some examples of reinforcement for autistic children include: Tangible Reinforcers: Toys, Candy, Prizes. Intrinsic Reinforcers: Fun, Subjects of interest, Curiosity or Novelty. Emotional Reinforcers: Verbal Praise, Hugs, High-fives. Social Reinforcers:Peer interaction, Peer example, or special jobs like becoming the line leader
Helpful Products
Visual Toys & ProductsSound ToysMini Hoberman Sphere
Price: $14.95
Classroom Stamp Set
Price: $12.99
Positive Reinforcement Stamps
Price: $12.95
Turn 'n Tumble Sand Wand
Price: $14.99
Soothing Rain Tube
Price: $11.99
Sale Price: $9.99
Fidget Set
Price: $45.99
LED Light Up Bubble Gun
Price: $4.95
Pulse FX
Price: $4.99
Poppin Peepers
Price: $4.99
Mini Light Spinner
Price: $4.99
Sale Price: $3.99
Warp Speed Top
Price: $7.99
Super Spaghetti Ball
Price: $5.99
Sale Price: $5.39
Velvet Slime Anemone
Price: $5.95
Mini Incentive Charts
Price: $4.99
Light Up Helicopter Candy Pop Fan
Price: $7.49
Spectra Rail Twirler
Price: $7.95
Sale Price: $4.49
Eye Pop Ball Blower
Price: $4.49
Farm Spinning Tops
Price: $8.99
Sale Price: $7.49
Light Up Mini Fan
Price: $4.99
Flashing Super Star Ball
Price: $3.99
30 Temporary Reward Tattoos
Price: $5.99
Roll A Reward
Price: $2.99
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