Books to Help Teens with Autism and Aspgergers

Puberty and adolescence can be a difficult time for teens with Autism or Aspergers syndrome. During adolescence, social demands become more complex and subtle social cues are important. Teens with autism are usually socially naive, do not understand subtle social clues, and may experience rejection more frequently than their 'typical' peers. They can be vulnerable to manipulation and peer pressure.

Most teens with autism or Aspergers begin realizing they are not quite like others. It;s not uncommon for frustrations and anxiety to crop up. It is important to provide social support. It has been shown that groups where teens with autism can practice interpersonal and social skills are very helpful.

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At the start of puberty teens with autism or Aspergers will need specific instruction on body care. Areas of instruction should include personal hygiene, using deodorant, showering, for autistic girls menstruation, masturbation, appropriate touching, social kissing, swearing, and personal space. Using social stories for autistic teens has been proven to be very helpful.
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