10 Great Gift Ideas for Children with Autism

By Bonnie Arnwine, Founder of National Autism Resources

Choosing a gift for a child with autism can be tough because not all children with autism are the same. With that said, here are ten gift ideas that have worked well based on my personal and professional experience with National Autism Resources.

Life is overwhelming buy something calming.

Have you ever been upset and then someone gave you a big hug and all of the sudden you felt better? That calming deep pressure helped you release tension and calm down. Weighted items often feel like a big hug to children with autism. These gifts can be more expensive but can also be an extremely helpful and can be used for several years. A weighted blanket can help a child with autism go to sleep or swaddle them when they feel overwhelmed. Most children with autism enjoy visual gifts.
  • A Laser Stars is amazingly calming this project turns any room into a planetarium with stars that gently float across the sky. An occasional shooting star makes it extra interesting.
  • A Plasma Light is highly visual and great for teaching cause and effect. Just touch the ball and watch the lights gravitate towards their fingertips.
  • The Hoberman Sphere fascinating to watch pull it open and watch it expand from 9.5 inches to 30. Push any hub and watch it contract!
  • Disco Balls will flash a rainbow of color in any darkened room.
  • Our see through rain tube features silver beads that sparkle, reflecting light as they fall creating the soothing sound of rain.
  • Just pull the trigger and watch theLight Up Twirler cause airplanes light up and fly in circles! A few more popular light up toys include the Mini Light Spinner, Rail Twirler, Light Up Helicopter Candy Pop Fan and our soft light up spiky ball.
Get a gift that teaches a specific skill. Get gifts that will help children with autism learn social skills.

Poor social skills and social interaction is another hallmark of autism. The good news is that children on the autism spectrum can learn social skills with practice. Several social skills games are fun to play and will teach vital social skills that can help kids for the rest of their life. Here are a few of my favorites:
  • 6 Social Skills Games Learn vital social skills including manners, empathy, emotions, emotion management, choices and more with this set of six games.
  • Answering and asking questions are important because it helps us to start and maintain a conversation. Learn to ask and answer who, what, where, when, why, and how questions all while having fun with the 7 Questioning Board Game .
  • The Life Stories game is is designed to get families talking. Build perspective understanding, listening skills, questioning skills and more with this fun family game.
  • Its important for children with autism to learn that their actions have consequences. Explore this important concept in a fun and relaxed manner with theConsequences Game.
  • The Blunders Game is a fun and relaxing game that allows kids to explore social mistakes. Best of all these are social mistakes the blunders are making so it keeps the discussion neutral.
A great set of flashcards can help your therapists help your child with autism.

There are so many flash card sets designed to teach children with autism specific skills. Therapists can't always afford what they would like to use to help your child. Why not give a gift that will help your child and future children as well?

Get a gift that helps with the big three: eating, sleeping or toileting.

Eating, sleeping and toileting are three essential life skills. If a child with autism has problems with any one of these life skills it can be very difficult for the child and family. A life changing gift can help an autistic child learn one of these vital skills. Choose something the child with autism has a special interest.

Many people on the autism spectrum have an overwhelming interest in a particular subject. If this is the case with the child you are going to buy a gift for look at gifts in these areas. If the child is interested in dinosaurs or trains then look at toys or books related to this area. However, for kids who have a very specific interest donít wait until the last minute to buy a gift. Start shopping early.

Look at a personís developmental ability.

A characteristic of children on the autism spectrum is ďspikesĒ in development. Often kids may be ahead of their peers in some developmental areas and behind in others. When choosing a gift its best to pick one based on your childís ability rather than their age. Gifts that provide sensory stimulation.

Many children with autism really enjoy sensory toys and gifts. Here are a few gift items that stimulate specific senses: Gift cards always work! Still unsure what gift to buy then get a gift card.
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